LodeStar is pleased to welcome the band Keep Up to the 2016 lineup!

Keep Up, made up of enigmatic model Evan Jones, ex members of The Kabeedies Francis Bell and Rory Hill and guitarist from The Cheek Christian Daniels, are having no trouble keeping up appearances with their nonchalant attitude and yearning lyricism. Like all truly great bands they are not just a product of their environment they are an expression of it, an attempt to turn it into something beautiful, something of meaning.

This preoccupation with transformation informs everything they do. Singer/guitarist Evan’s lyrics are concerned with tragedy, heartache and a constant search for solace. Evan cites an unhealthy obsession with Leonard Cohen’s melancholic, sex-drive-spirituality as a key influence and there are shades of Joy Division in the unflinching courage to bare his soul before the world.

‘Fear’, the lone track the band have shared with the world as yet, holds that ethos at its core. Glistening guitars reminiscent of New Order ripple brightly beneath Evan’s expressive, aching vocal. It’s a glorious collision of light and dark; that classic pop trope of lifting a sad song out of the doldrums and making it sound happy. Others in their arsenal, like the jagged ‘Dead Beat’, could slot neatly alongside The Maccabees, or, as on ‘I’ll Wait For You’, boast the chiming, hazy feel of The Velvet Underground circa The Velvet Underground & Nico, while Evan’s vocals have a slight hint of a desolate Jonathan Richmond to them.

This, then, is Keep Up. Four young men, intent on converting the negative, chaotic and disastrous into beauty. Trying to Keep Up. Their journey is only just beginning.