Information About The Festival

ArenaOpens Friday 11am
Stage TimesFriday – Noon to 2am (Saturday)
Saturday – 11am to 2am (Sunday)
Sunday 11am to 10pm
Ticket OfficeFriday 10am to 9pm
Saturday 9:30am to 9pm
Sunday 9:30am to 4pm
Car ParkOpen on Friday at 8:30am
Closes Monday at Noon
Fully Staffed TimesFriday 8:30am to 8pm
Saturday 8:30am to 9pm
Sunday 9am to 4pm
Arrivals outside above times for
non-prepaid parking please expect some delay.

Please read all the information here to ensure you’re safe and easy access to LodeStar Festival.

If you have further questions please email or call 01223 813 318.

Day tickets holders are not allowed to bring alcohol or food into the festival or have access to camp sites

Day ticket holders are not allowed to bring alcohol or food into the festival or have access to camp sites

Own alcohol is allowed for Camping Ticket holders only: Allocation per adult is 4x beer cans plus 1 litre of wine for the festival 3 days. Please No glass bottles.

Please respect this request as it is reflected in the low pricing for drinks at our bars.

LodeStar bars supply chilled tasty drinks from Calvors, Aspalls and similar quality brands, choices in wines and spirits

Exit and re-entry to bring in more alcohol is not allowed.

Please do not give alcohol to under 18yr olds!

No BBQ policy as smoke in the tented areas does create fire safety inspections.

Campers may bring their own food for consumption in the campsite only

Do not cook or use a gas stove inside tents, keep yourself and others safe

Anyone suspected of selling or buying drugs on the site will be escorted from the site without a refund.

From the bridge entrance vehicle speed is set at 5mph

Please drive slowly and when moving be aware of children and pedestrians. Driving on grass can be like moving on ice

Please display your pre-booked parking ticket in your car windscreen.

Signs will direct vehicles to Paid Parking or Pay Now entry lanes

Routes to parking areas are colour coded for your convenience

Ignoring parking staff or driving away from routes will cause your parking to be delayed

Blue coloured routes are for Emergency Vehicles only, please do not use them at any time.

Strictly NO cars or other vehicles in the camping areas.

Remember to lock your vehicle.

Keep children close by when walking through vehicle movement areas.

Campervans/Caravans (C/C) may only move with steward escort, please ask staff before moving.

Vehicles parked that hinder emergency vehicles or festival operations/residents may be towed away.

Cyclists have a compound to chain and secure your cycles, these are left at your own liability and responsibility. Please ask for location on arrival.

Please note it is a grass terrain so mobility is limited.

Disabled persons please notify parking staff for directions to special parking areas.

Day ticket holders are not allowed to bring alcohol, food or drink into the festival other than having specific requirements such as gluten, vegan, allergy etc.

Please respect the fields of LodeStar and all around you

Please ensure you place your waste in the bins provided

Please don’t drop litter

Cigarette stubs (45 years to decompose) – leave no trace

No smoking in front of stages (lit cigarettes and eyes of a child are danger)

No smoking in main part of the arenas – please use designated smoking areas

Don’t smoke in your tent!

Leave no trace, take away good memories 🙂

If there is an emergency announcement do as instructed immediately in a quick and calm manner.

Ensure others near you are aware of the situation.

No professional filming and recording of any format is allowed unless previously agreed with LodeStar.

Whether attending or performing at LodeStar you are accepting that you have no title, creative title to or payment from all and any format and forms of recorded material and freely consent to its use by LodeStar.

No fires or open flames permitted

No barbecues permitted

It is illegal and not permitted to bring flares, fireworks or any pyrotechnics or explosive type of device or compound

No smoking in main parts of festival arenas, use designated smoking areas

Please ask for sand buckets for cigarette butts at your camp
Don’t smoke in your tent!
Fire points with firefighting equipment are shown by bamboo poles with red flags
Fire extinguisher abuse is subject to a £100 fine and you may be asked to leave the festival
Fire lanes marked out with white lines must be kept clear at all times
Fire marshals are present, please comply with their and festival staff instructions at all times
Raise the alarm immediately if you see a fire, no matter how small

Medical staff are available 24hrs

The First Aid post is clearly signed, please be aware of it’s location on arrival

Should you or a member of your party need medical attention please notify festival stewards who will radio our medical team

Reporting a Lost Child – Please inform festival stewards or security staff immediately with a full description of the child

Blank ID wristbands are available for accompanying adults to write a contact mobile number on

Unaccompanied children may be approached by staff if they believe the child is alone, in danger, distressed or looking lost

If you see a child in distress, please summon security staff or a festival steward

Radio communication will be used to quickly resolve the whereabouts of the guardians or family members

Bright coloured clothes are recommended for children

A child having a whistle and small pocket torch for use at night is a consideration

Place your mobile phone number and name in their pocket

Please report or take any lost property to the information point in the ticket office, HQ or hand to security staff

LodeStar Festival cannot accept responsibility for any loss of property

Only campers are allowed personal radios and players at the festival, these should be set at considerate volume levels

Campers with personal music equipment must switch it off after 10pm

No sound equipment is allowed in the Quiet or Family camping areas

LodeStar is spread across 200 acres of grass land, it is cut short to help wheelchair access but still a field with rabbit holes and will be soft ground when wet. Please keep these limiting factors in mind, LodeStar still feels that all should be done to make the festival accessible as possible to those who have special needs and those disabled.

Booking and travel
LodeStar’s website ticket booking page provides information for free tickets for carers and an email address. See the contact page for the postal address or please phone 01223 813 318. Public transport links are also shown.

Car parking for disabled is as close as we can get to the main arena, it varies but usually around 120 metres or less..

All festival-goers are given a wristband denoting their time at the festival, this covers whether camping or under 18yrs of age. A drop off or collection point is about 20 metres from the ticket office where vehicles can temporary park to exchange tickets for wristbands. These bands can if necessary be tied on the clothing of the disabled person.

The campsite is close to the entertainment arena and a tent can be 50 metres (120m for campervan / caravans) or 550 metres away.if you prefer quieter camping but it is a longer distance to travel back and forth.

Stewards are trained to be aware of people around them for guidance and can radio for medical assistance and are there to help you enjoy the festival or should ever the need arise for emergency evacuation.

Strobe lighting
– may be used but kept to short bursts, this might still affect some people. Moving head projectors sending light from the stages can potentially have a strobe affect so please be aware.

Disabled toilets are available at the ticket office, campsites, campervan and caravan camp and arenas. Unfortunately we don’t currently have raised viewing platforms but wish to have in the future.

First Aid
Medical care is available 24 hours at the festival with first aiders, paramedics and ambulance, AED’s etc. Please contact us if you need a refrigerator to keep medications stored for your personal needs at the festival.

LodeStar doesn’t offer sign language, captioning or audio description at present but welcomes any person or organisation who would help to provide these services. LodeStar has tables and chairs available to use in the arenas, catering areas and in the village green.

Here are some links to public transport, please check they are current before you begin your journey to LodeStar!

Plan Your Route

National Express
Booking Online

National Rail
Booking Journeys

Panther Taxis
Railway Station taxi rank

Professional friendly SIA registered security personnel are on-site for the whole festival for your safety

Please ask the nearest security staff if you require assistance or see someone who may, including a child without an adult

Do not bring items considered to be a danger to others or could be used as weapons

Do not leave items lying around they may be taken, there’s always someone!

For the safety and security of all, security personnel may search at their discretion. If you refuse then you may be asked to leave the festival with no refund

Please be aware bag inspections will be undertaken for everyone’s safety

Please take note of safety notices and announcements

Dangerous, abusive or discriminating behaviour, verbal or by action isn’t tolerated at LodeStar and any person/s considered by Security personnel or LodeStar staff to be in violation of this will be asked to leave the festival without refund

Crowd surfing and moshing is not allowed

Flashing lights and Light Strobes are used around the site and on stages

The Fields of LodeStar are kept as a lawn but this is also a natural environment, rabbits and moles make holes and are trip hazards – please wear sensible footwear and watch where you are walking. Ladies, please do not wear stilettos or high platform style footwear as you will twist your ankles when walking on uneven ground

Restricted items – DO NOT BRING:

Glass containers/items
Offensive weapons or dangerous items
Fireworks, liquid fuels or other flammable hazards, nitrous gas canisters, balloons or flying flame lanterns
Dogs or other animals, or leave them in a parked vehicle
Large or heavy goods or similar vehicles

Purchasing your ticket online ensures availability and speedier entry

Please bring your printed ticket with you even though we can now scan mobiles

Valid LodeStar wristbands must be worn at all times and shown to security staff when moving into the festival arenas and camping areas

Wristbands are not transferable or for re-sale and will be void if stretched, broken, or removed.

Toilets and hand-washing facilities are available throughout the site and regularly cleaned

Please bring any servicing needed to the attention of the cleaning staff

Please use the toilets, do not foul elsewhere as you may be escorted from the site without a refund

We pride ourselves in maintaining clean facilities and a clean landscape environment for all to enjoy