My family have looked after the organic “Fields of LodeStar” since 1936. The first LodeStar was held in 2009 for multiple reasons both personal and to be disruptive in the music and festival scene. To bring people together in the heart of the countryside and indulge with nature and reconnect. The emotional power of music draws us together and opens a moment in time to share and be life affirming. In coming to LodeStar you support new artists and have an opportunity to share the experience.

LodeStar is community centred supporting health related charities. Deliberately benign in religious or political direction to allow people to come together and not be divided in conflict  Our small world is a troubled place for individuals and countries. I cleared the fields to offer you a memory in a moment of time driven by the meaningful songs to be heard. Every artist performing for you is chosen for their quality of music and powerful lyrics. Here you will experience a really special atmosphere, a fleeting intangible magical happening for you to carry always.

The festival takes its name from the village of Lode near Cambridge. The LodeStar, Pole Star or North Star, used for navigation over centuries, a static Tristar guiding you to the festival”. Its 200 acres offers you a massive space to breath and feel safe. LodeStar is  more than a festival, it is a hope of changing how we treat each other and the precious world we need to live on.

I have worked in the fields of my family’s farm since a child; from my teenage years the land evoked a vision to put on a meaningful festival for people. Music has meant so much to me and helped me through life’s ups and downs. The Fields of LodeStar emanates a very special atmosphere that festival-goers and artists alike pickup on arrival. Artists tell me it’s the best festival they have ever performed at. The special fine grasses planted are kept like a bowling green giving a perfect camping area. I am pleased festival-goers reflect in the care that goes into the fields as hardly any trace is left. 

At night there is little light pollution and gazing up at the millions of stars in the wide open sky it brings a serenity within you. The big dipper or great plough’s last two stars help you line up to the LodeStar. Working late at night in harvests long gone by now I always looked up in wonder and absorbed the universes infinity. Here under the night sky I hope you find something inside yourself, maybe something we lose as we grow and life sweeps us up. We live on and share this small planet together and much that happens is sad. Great music is emotive with its lyrics and tunes  influencing our thoughts and emotions through life. I find music invaluable and lucky growing up to experience artists such as Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel who were so young but brought you words still heartfelt and of substance today. For all who come to LodeStar keep within the thought that we are all equal and our time together is precious.

That is LodeStar’s ethos, created to give you memories of a time and to just be.

Festival Organiser, LodeStar Festival